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b. 1980, Houston, TX

B.A. University of Chicago, 2002

M.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2008
2019 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Recipient

I am a project based artist who makes layered emotional painted landscapes, installations, and immersive visual experiences. My artistic practice focuses on tending curiosity and letting ideas about human connection unfold in unexpected ways. 


I know it may look like I am a flower painter, but in my work I use flowers as metaphors to investigate themes of identity and place. I am intersted in trying to create a visual language around inbetween spaces--where things feel uncertain. 


I am curious about memory, devotion, and vulnerable emotional psychological space, specifically when it comes to identity and belonging and how it realtes to our experience of the world around us. Lately, I have been thinking about climate change and what it means exist in the anthropocene; to livewith grace and radical softness in the face of uncertainty.


I use repetitive mark making and reoccuring imaginary imagery (often floral-ish) in combination with transparent layers to signify the transition of one idea ot the next over time. These layers often create a feeling of movement and playfulness, but as they are being made they are also referencing the way in which one moves through moments of discomfort or grief.


I like the possibility of using art as a way to channel difficult moments and through the process of making, inevitably end up landing somewhere soft, beautiful, and comforting.

My newest inspiration comes from the Portland Art Museum: The Lotus Eaters by Thomas Moran, 1895 and Diana of the Sea by Marguerite Zorach, 1940. I am currently thinking about the idea of tending to enraptured idleness and how it signifies an untethering of thoughts, a poetic shifing formlessness, a wildness adrift;  permissoin to exist outside of the bounds of structure and containment. 

CV (download/print out version

Represented by:

Soapbox Arts Gallery

Portland Art Gallery

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