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b. 1980, Houston, TX

B.A. University of Chicago, 2002

M.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2008
2019 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Recipient

I investigate themes of identity and place through process and material-oriented projects. Using cross disciplinary mediums such as painting, drawing, sound, performance, and textiles I dive deep into personal questions related to gender, devotion, and vulnerable emotional psychological space. Through the use of repetitive mark making, as well as using symbolic imagery referencing flowers and embellished surface design, I create layered emotional landscapes that attend to ideas related to connection and belonging and being human.


My newest inspiration comes from the Portland Art Museum: The Lotus Eaters by Thomas Moran, 1895 and Diana of the Sea by Marguerite Zorach, 1940. I am currently thinking about the idea of enraptured idleness and how it signifies an untethering of thoughts, a poetic shifing formlessness, a wildness adrift. 


Poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson

CV (download/print out version)

Artist Statement (download/print out version)

Selected Catalogue PDF (download/print out version) 

Represented by:

Soapbox Arts Gallery

Portland Art Gallery

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