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Artist CV

I am a project based artist who is currently making layered emotional paintings, specifically about imaginary floral landscapes, intimate portals, and romanticism in landscape inspired scenic art.


My newest body of work is inspired by the vantage point of the viewer from  a Thomas Moran’s painting titled “The Lotus Eaters.”* In this painting, the viewer becomes the island dweller (aka lotus eater) indulging in raptured idleness looking beyond our lush island world towards a portal horizon signifying the return to reality and global concerns. 


My use of floral imagery relates to a wild untending of pleasurable pursuits at the expense of uncertainty. They are symbols for shifting ideas about identity, place keeping, and cycles of life/death– concepts that I often think about in my artist practice.


*The Lotus Eaters, by Thomas Moran 1895, in the collection of the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine.



Wylie Garcia

b. 1980, Houston, TX

B.A. University of Chicago

M.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Wylie Garcia is a queer, mexican-swedish-american artist living and working in Vermont. She/They are the recipient of many artist grants and fellowships; most notably a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, several Vermont Arts Council Creation Grants, a St. Botolph Club Foundation Artist Grant, and a Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center. Their work can be found in the permanent collections of the Fleming Museum, the University of Vermont Medical Center, and Georgetown College.

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