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Dates: January 2016- January 2017

Location: Burlington City Arts Center, Burlington, VT

Description: With My Voice, I Am Calling You Home presents a new body of work by artist Wylie Garcia whose richly patterned paintings and lenticular prints embody themes of domesticity, meditation, and personal place making. This exhibit coincides with Garcia receiving the 2016 Barbara Smail Fellowship. 

Garcia’s allover compositions and veiled imagery draw upon ideas of feminine domesticity and traditional handicraft. Embroidery stiches, elegant lace, and lush fabrics are reinterpreted in two-dimensional form as layered hash marks and decorative, overlapping patterns that work in counterpoint between surface and depth, revelation and concealment.

The artist’s paintings are as much a meditative practice and time of reflection as they are a creative endeavor. Through the daily ritual of art making, Garcia sorts and creates space for the thoughts, preoccupations, and activities of her day.

Imbued with emotional connotations, these artworks and moments create a physical and metaphorical place for Garcia – a space to embrace her roles as an artist, wife, and mother – and a place of familiar, everyday comforts where one can call home. 

Exhibit curated by Heather Ferrell

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