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Project: Network of Embrace

Dates: Spring 2018

In conjunction with Tele-Art Mag by Alexanria Hall


This is a video in response to a poem by Shawn Corey:

My goal was to reinterpret the poem as a dream unfolding where memories and objects feel slippery.  But I also wanted to create these layers that feel tangible but far away with overlapping sounds to allow one to slip deeper into the dream to hear more of the story being told.  The poem reminded me of "Pictor's Metamorphoses", a short story by Herman Hesse about a couple who fall in love and morph into trees. The  ballad of Barbara Allen also kept popping into my head, so there is a little homage to the Jean Ritchie version in there if you listen close enough. Roots are networks of embrace; communicating at subtle vibrations that require deep listening to hear what they are saying. I suggest wearing head phones when watching this allowing yourself to sink deeper into it each time.


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