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Dates: October 2018

Location: Feverish World Symposium,

University of Vermont 

Description: The artist proposes to construct a trapunto textile installation: Trapunto is a traditional quilting technique used to create a raised surface usually depicting scenes of flowers or birds.  The Acceptance Shelter is an 8’x8’x8’ triangular abstract tent that will look like a soft tactile sculptural space. The goal of this installation aims to question the duality of comfort and discomfort by creating an experiential room that feels safe and inviting but looks a lot like beautiful viscera. Visitors are invited by a sign to pass through the shelter one by one and to read a statement. They are invited to spend as much time needed within its walls thinking about the Shelter as a conduit for receiving one’s self and accepting self-accountability. “Welcome to the Acceptance Shelter.  When you walk inside please read the following statement either allowed or in your head, feel free to repeat I over and over again. When you are done, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exit through the other side.”  The shelter is designed to hold a comforting soft space around the visitor in a quiet and non-shaming way as they take a moment to connect within. Materials will include died cotton fabric, thread and recycled materials.


Image of work in progress.


Related Exhibitions: 
Feverish World Symposium, University of Vermont, Burlington, 2018


acceptance shelter.jpg
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