Project: Things Feel So Different Now

Dates: May- June 2020

Solo Exhibition at Soapbox Arts, Burlington, VT, USA


In the middle of a pandemic, trying not to panic, and feeling like time is standing still. Then comes Spring and with it the flowers. What are these curious lovely things? Don't they know there is a global pandemic? 

This series of acrylic on birch panel paintings are an attempt to process the collective trauma of sudden change. 


You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming. - Pablo Neruda

I paint flowers so that they will not die. -Frida Kahlo


Things Feel So Different Now
Things Feel So Different Now
Falling out of place the wind blows and catches me; holding me--a spiral of debris; organized for a
I Imagine Petals Pumping Through My Heart As I Lay Awake in Bed Preparing to Dream of Infinite Futur
When We Come Together We Will Fit Like Matched Wallpaper and It Will Feel Like Old Times
Sunset Apocalypse I
Sunset Apocalypse II
The Lighting on the Stage Catches the Thread in Her Dress, Gels Make the Flowers Dance and Glow, Col
Come On Let's Walk Outside, Clutching Ou