Project: Flores/Flowers/Blomma

Dates: 2020-Present


Flores/Blomma is about creating a placeholder for the intersection of cultural identity and is inspired by  Mexican and Swedish embroidered flowers found in traditional designs from both cultures.  


These are a series of ply wood cutouts that are made using a jigsaw to create  painted flower bouquets and arrangements. The surface is treated with paint markers using a color pallete that intentionally overlaps color patterns and stereotypes associated with Mexican and Swedish craft and design. The back of each piece is painted fluorescent green; when mounted to the wall each arrangement glows as if emitting an energy field or aura. 

A better


Flores/Blomma (technicolor)
Flores/Blomma (Exotic Tulip)
Flores/Blomma (Ribbon Bouquet)
Flores/Blomma (Two types fo Blue)